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If you can see the Filipino greeting Mabuhay above in Baybayin script, your browser support webfonts. In other words, you will see the actual fonts of the websites that use webfonts (a.k.a. CSS2 @font-face rule) - as the designer intended.

More examples inside…

First published / last updated: 2010-01-22 15:37.

The Creative Commons Webfont

If you can see the following, then your browser supports the CSS Level 2 @font-face rule.

  • Creative Commons circle: c
  • Attribution logo: b
  • Creative Commons full logo: C
  • Share-Alike logo: a
  • No-Derivatives logo: d
  • Sampling: m
  • Non-Commercial logo: n
  • Public Domain logo: p
  • Remix: r
  • Share: s

For example, all my sites are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License. CC By-SA is:

  • cba

If you can not see anything, then your browser does not support the CSS2 @font-face rule. Time to upgrade your browser or switch to a better one.

แœ‹ᜍแœ‹ᜒแœ…᜔ แœแœŽแœ‹แœ†᜔ แœ แœ‰แœ„᜔แœŠᜒแœᜒแœ†᜶
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If you want to learn how you can implement cross-browser webfonts support on your website, read: How-To Implement Cross-Browser @font-face Support.

For more about Baybayin script, read: Baybayin - The Forgotten Pre-Hispanic Writing of the Filipino.

You can also check out the: Baybayin Typepad No.01 if you want to try typing the Filipino script.

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