Keybase series

Keybase is a powerful free tool ordinary users can use for various purposes. There is a free 250 GB storage for individuals, there are teams or groups, hosting, and the most important and neglected feature: online accounts/identities verification.

In this Keybase series, we are going to go through the different features of Keybase has to offer. Hopefully through this, the common folk will finally start using Keybase for their daily privacy and security needs. For example, the Keybase Chat feature is the most secure end-to-end encrypted chat available on the planet (for years). It is such a waste only the techie people are using Keybase regularly. We intend to change that.

Here are the current articles in the techmagus Keybase series.

  1. Create a Keybase account
  2. Why You Should Verify Your Accounts Through Keybase

We have more coming explaining how to use the 250 GB free storage, what families and organisations can do with the Keybase Teams feature, how to take advantage of the free hosting, and more. Watch out for it!

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